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Your conviction or trial judgment is only as good as its appeal. 

Welcome to McDonnell Appeals, LLC, a law firm dedicated to zealous appellate and post-judgment advocacy. 

Whether you win or lose at trial, the fight is not over. There will be an appeal. But an appeal is nothing like a trial. It's at an entirely different court, with different rules and procedures. One misstep on appeal can end a case before it begins. 

At McDonnell Appeals, we don't handle trials or pleas. We don't handle municipal violations. Just appeals and post-conviction cases. Whether your case is a criminal or a civil matter, we will navigate you through the appellate process and tirelessly advocate for the legal result you need.


Justitia Goddess


222 S. Central Ave.

Suite 1004

Clayton, MO 63105

(by appointment only)


(314) 896-4009

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McDonnell Appeals, LLC is proud to serve clients in all 114 counties in Missouri. 

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