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Criminal Appeals

All hope is not lost.

After a trial, a criminal defendant should challenge their convictions and sentences in a direct appeal. Most people are unfamiliar with appeals. They're rarely, if ever, depicted in popular media such as movies or television shows.


Yet, you've probably heard of someone "getting off on a technicality." That's what a criminal direct appeal does: it gets convictions and sentences overturned on "technicalities," which are usually trial errors that violate the constitutional rights of a criminal defendant.

Direct appeals are highly technical. One wrong move can lead to the court dismissing your appeal. If an appeal is dismissed, it cannot be relitigated. It's important to choose an appellate attorney with the experience and skill to find errors in your case and argue that those errors are reversible errors. 

McDonnell Appeals, LLC is a law firm dedicated to zealous appellate advocacy. Nina McDonnell has argued and won criminal direct appeals at the Missouri Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Missouri. And she's filed cert petitions in the Supreme Court of the United States. She knows the case law and Rules and how to best advocate for her client's freedom. 

Criminal direct appeals have strict time limits and strict rules. If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, or is facing a criminal trial, it is important to discuss the case with an appellate attorney as quickly as possible-even before trial. An appellate attorney can assist your trial attorney in properly preserving trial errors so you are in the best position possible in the event the trial ends in a guilt verdict.

Call or text McDonnell Appeals, LLC at (314) 896-4009 to schedule a free consultation, or head to our "Contact Us" page to fill out a brief questionnaire. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and to providing top-notch appellate advocacy for you or your loved ones.

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